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PicoLock & LoopHole - the Ultimate Puzzle Lock Bundle.

Unlock endless excitement with our Puzzle Lock Bundle, combining the ingenious designs of PicoLock and LoopHole, both crafted by Boaz Feldman.

PicoLock brings a novel twist to the table, boasting a highly unique mechanism and compact design that will leave you mesmerized. Meanwhile, LoopHole presents a captivating challenge with its intricate inner mechanism hidden within a standard padlock, providing a straightforward yet stimulating unlocking experience.

Crafted from premium brass and stainless steel, each lock puzzle in this bundle is accompanied by essential accessories including keys, securing rings, fabric bags, and instruction cards, ensuring an immersive puzzle-solving experience right out of the box.

Whether you're a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of lock puzzles, this bundle is guaranteed to ignite your curiosity and provide hours of engaging entertainment.

Unlock the possibilities with the Puzzle Lock Bundle today!

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A Puzzlocks Customer
Greg -.
Israel Israel

Amazing Bundle!!

Loophole and Picolock are so underrated. What I like most about Boaz is that he always manages to come up with innovative designs. As someone who solved all of his puzzles (except Loco, didn't try that one), these two are a must-have in any collection, and a delightful challenge for any solver, even for the seasoned ones.