Our Story

Our story starts back In the 1990's. Dan Feldman, an Israeli puzzle aficionado, found passion in lock puzzles and started modifying commercial locks into mechanical puzzles. In 1996, after crafting several lock puzzles, he came up with the legendary DanLock, declared by many as "The best puzzle lock ever created".

In more recent years, his children continue his tradition, leading to the founding of ‘Puzzlocks’ and the unveiling of magnificent new lock-based puzzles.

Puzzlocks offers several lock puzzles with varying levels of difficulty, suitable for everyone, from novices to experts. A challenging and gratifying experience is promised!

As all of our locks receive magnificent reactions and feedback, you can be sure that there are more to come!

About us

My name is Boaz Feldman and I'm the founder of Puzzlocks. Growing up at home with a puzzle-crazed father was no simple task. My father was one of the first puzzlers in Israel, collecting many puzzles, designing and making some as well. Solving and understanding mechanical puzzles was part of my life, since I was a child.

My father's love for puzzles has permeated me over the years as well. I’m proud to continue my father's legacy and create lock puzzles in the way he loved.