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A sequential discovery puzzle lock. 

He is the god of mischief, mayhem, and disorder. A trickster among the northern gods, the most fickle and cunning of them all. Plotting all the time, sometimes with the gods, sometimes against them.
Lord of trickery, master of knots, nets, webs, locks, and keys, he is the master of deceit.
His name is Loki...

Designed to mess with your mind, Loki is a sequential discovery puzzle lock, containing several new tricks to challenge you.

Are you up for the challenge?

The package contains the lock, a fabric bag, and an instruction card.


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Andrew C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

An excellent puzzle lock that will keep you thinking

Loki has got to be one of my favourite puzzle locks. A real challenge that keeps you thinking, with several well-designed steps to overcome. Clearly the work of an experienced lock designer.

A Puzzlocks Customer
Pavel L.
Czech Republic Czech Republic

A wonderfull puzzle

Have been fiddling with it the whole afternoon with no luck yet. Although I figured some internals by careful observing. The more I learn how the lock works the more it gets my interest. Personally, I do not rush to solve it and hope this puzzle will keep on tricking me.

Rodrigo G.
Spain Spain

Great padlock

I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Great designer and great communication. 100% recommendable

Kevin S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

An amazing puzzle!

It took me a month to fully solve - a fun very well hidden mechanism. Reached my top 10 of 2021.

United States United States

New favorite puzzle

I loved this puzzle lock. Thank you for the work that went into designing, and manufacturing this lock. It's been a week since I finished the puzzle and thinking of the first ah ha moment is still bringing a smile to my face. I would highly recommend adding this to your collection!


Great puzzle

This lock was really difficult to fully solve and understand (at least for me :-)). The first step had me stumped for quite a while and is really evil. When I finally opened the lock, I realised I first had to understand the mechanism better, to be able to reset it again. Exactly the difficult kind of puzzle I was looking for. It is very well made and thought through. Compliments Boaz!

Ira F.
United States United States

The Best Yet!

This was such an enjoyable puzzle to solve. As the name suggests, it was very diabolical. The amount of genius that went into the design is amazing. The journey in solving this puzzle was fun and enjoyable. I had to think hard on this one. So many ah ha moments. Not only do you have to open the shackle, buy you then need to figure out how to relock the lock. That part had me scratching my head for a while until the solution hit me, and that was so satisfying when I was able to close that shackle. This lock is definitely a keeper for me, and highly recommended to anyone wanting a good puzzle to solve. Thank you Boaz for bringing us enjoyment.

United States United States


My absolute highest compliments! The amount of thought and care that goes into making a lock of this quality, I can’t imagine. If you like puzzle locks, there is no doubt, you need this. This is next level and then some. The amount of ah ha moments and the brilliance in the progression we’re surprising in all the good ways. It’s perfectly balanced and logs you to its name in all the best ways. The journey was one I plan to revisit, often! Thank you so much for the wonderful creation.

Daniel D.
Canada Canada

Very nice puzzle!!

Love the look, love the quality. love the experience. Well done Boaz!

Nigel C.
Spain Spain

Amazing new Boaz Feldman lock

Boaz has reached the heights his father did with Danlock in creating the best tricklock available. There are many stages to solve and tools to be found along the way. Getting it open is just the first hurdle, putting it back together will leave you scratching your head again! The price is very fair given the work put into this puzzle. Don’t hesitate to add it to your collection. You won’t regret it!


Difficult while still being very fun.

This is an absolutely amazing puzzle lock, just tricky enough to make you smirk and logical enough to lead you to the next step in the solution after playing for awhile. The quality is amazing and it requires a fair bit of playing with to take apart and then get back together again. Boaz has truly added to the line of puzzles that can sit proudly on a shelf next to Danlock. The number of AHA moments you will have is worth the price of admission. I highly recommend this.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fiendish, cunning and thoroughly good fun!

An amazing lock from Boaz that had me scratching my head for quite a while. Loads of fun and thoroughly recommended to everyone!

China China

Brilliant, genre-representative work

Fantastic puzzle with a logical solve progression and multiple aha moments. Not impenetrable but will take some thought and insight to solve. On par with Danlock for quality and a must buy for puzzle lock collectors.

Goetz S.
Germany Germany

Double puzzle fun to open and close

Excellent trick lock built in high quality and with attention to detail. Both opening the lock "LOKI" and closing/resetting the lock again are a fun puzzle and require some careful observation and clever ideas.

Jason N.
Canada Canada

Aptly named

What an amazing puzzle, rivaling the great Dan Lock in my opinion. So much going on, full of mischief, surprises, and certainly delight. From the packaging, naming, delivery, and multiple quality ah-hah's this little brass beauty was a pleasure to solve.

Maurice M.
Netherlands Netherlands

A fantastic puzzle lock!

Solving Loki was a great experience and it does lives up to it's name. I can certainly recommend this to anyone.