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B-Lock II looks like a regular padlock but is far from being a normal padlock.

We took a padlock and modified it to be a game/puzzle/magic trick.

Call it how you'd like - The goal is simple - unlock it. You're not allowed to use excessive force or any external tools - only what's provided with the product. Simply use the Key to unlock the Padlock.

It may take you anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours (!) And even when you open the puzzle near a friend - they may not understand how you did it. That's why B-Lock II is also a very cool, and unusual magic trick.

Why B-Lock II? A great gift for your dad, smart son, or engineer husband.
It's the go-to puzzle for newcomers to the Puzzlocks series. You can also use it as a very tough-to-crack padlock, Or as a prank (will you be the first to prank your friends with it?)

Small and sturdy, you can easily take it with you in our travel bag and solve it on the go.

There are no small pieces in B-Lock II, so don't worry about losing anything.
Our products are being manufactured in the highest quality, so don't worry about pieces getting broken.

B-Lock II is by far our most recommended product for newcomers - since it will give you an accurate taste of quality, creativity, and experiences that you can enjoy far away from screens, with your friends and family.
So before moving on to our bigger products - don't rush it, try B-Lock II.

We're sure you will enjoy it and come back for more.

Made of brass and stainless steel. Hand-modified from a real, standard lock, and probably one of the quirkiest items you can get.

An original lock puzzle designed by Boaz Feldman, Israel.

The package contains the lock, a fabric bag, and an instruction card.

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Boggled my Friends

One of my favorite games to give to friends. They couldn't stop trying to unlock it. And like a magic trick - it's hard to understand it even if you see it happen in front of your eyes. Also, the finish and quality are amazing. Highly recommended for newcomers!