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PUZZLOCKS offers several lock puzzles with diverse levels of difficulty, suitable for everyone, from novices to experts. A challenging and fun experience is promised. We create legendary lock puzzles, challenging you to soar to new levels of creativity and problem-solving heights. All puzzles are based on original ideas you will find nowhere else. All puzzles are multi-level, guaranteeing a mental excursion that lasts for hours on end. Boost your brainpower with both fun and essential practice for your grey matter.

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Original Idea

All of Puzzlocks puzzles are based on original ideas you will find nowhere else

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Start simple, become an expert!

Various difficulty levels! From one-step puzzle to a sequential discovery that may require hours to solve!

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Boost Your Brainpower

Puzzlocks are both fun & essential gym practice for your grey matter 

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our story

Our story starts back In the 1990's. Dan Feldman, an Israeli puzzle aficionado, found passion in lock puzzles and started modifying commercial locks into mechanical puzzles. In 1996, after crafting several lock puzzles, he came up with the legendary DanLock, declared by many as "The best puzzle lock ever created".

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